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Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
a dozen key shipping ports and cripple commerce across the country. dock on workers are demanding higher container royalties to boost their pay. >>> did the newtown school shooter have an evil gene? scientists at the university of connecticut will study adam lanza's dna to see if a mutation or ab normality could have made him more violent? this is the first study of its kind on a mass killer. >>> jockeying started for john kerry's senate seat, even before it's vacant. massachusetts congressman ed markey throwing his hat into the ring in kerry becomes secretary of state, which is expected, a special election will be held early this summer. markey is the first prominent candidate to declare for the race. >>> love this story. paying it forward by paying it backward. a story of rampant generosity and good will in canada happening in winnipeg. one customer pulled up to a coffee shop drive through in winnipeg and paid for the person behind them. the next person did the same and on and on and on. 228 customers in all. >> you hear the shout from drive through. my manager, todd, there. hear him s
Dec 21, 2012 4:00am PST
up a lot of space and port-a-potties and the whole range of stuff but when we leave, the focus leaves, too. it's a double edged sword. >> that's what i said. now we're gone, it's out of the public eye. >> you're not anchoring from newtown, connecticut, you're doing weather stories and we'll talk about cory booker and the fiscal cliff and not spend two hours on newtown. we'll spend 30 minutes of a two-hour show. >> president obama has a different agenda, working on the fiscal cliff, plan b blew up in the republicans' face and now gun control is going to take a small piece of the pie. >> life goes on. >> next week it will be 15 minutes and the week after that eight minutes and the week after that four minutes and after that, 1:30. >> i'm very cynical about our profession and our ability to -- >> journalists do th all time, go into places where there's tremendous suffering all the time and they do this and they do it in a professional way and they talk to all sorts of people including children, and they get stories. this is not like -- this is local. this is an american tragedy but these
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2